Inventive and proactive specialists

Our creative and experienced team consists of professionals in design, production, and installation. They are passionate about their work and focus on client satisfaction. Looking to fulfill your requirements, they have the goods to develop an impressive environment just for you. Thanks to this outstanding team, AC Cuisines has received various awards, mentions, and distinctions from the APCHQ in recent years.

- Our Designers -

Caroline Cloutier

A great listener, she enjoys implementing the ideas of her clients by working in collaboration with them.

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Marie-Josée Guité

Curious by nature, she continuously seeks that added something that gives a project its distinct and impressive character.

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Alexandra Bozic

She creates custom environments that suit her clients well and form the backdrop for pleasant gatherings.

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Jean-Martin Lapointe

He loves providing exclusive custom products from which his clients will benefit for a long time.

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